experience. involvement. return.

PULSAR Development International Ltd. (“PDI”)

is a leading business development consultancy, with regional head offices in London, Porto and Munich. We support our clients in international infrastructure projects and intercontinental business development activities. Our operations are centred on rapid growth of new business opportunities, and we assist companies in entering or expanding into global markets. PDI’s customer promise is built on three core pillars: experience, engagement, and profitability.

Our client base includes many prominent organisations from a wide cross-section of industries, including international blue-chip companies, national and regional businesses. In the vast majority of cases, we maintain long-term relationships, providing support and advice over many years.

PDI is part of the PULSAR Group – a comprehensive network of expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa, Greater China, the Gulf Coast Countries and Germanic speaking Europe comprising over sixty partners, employees and associates in the fields of venture management, management consultancy, and Sino-German SME cooperation.

Core Competencies

PDI´s advisory approach, tools and services are bespoke to the clients requirements. This ensures maximum results, efficiency and guidance throughout the advisory process.

Cross-Border Advisory
Transaction services, offset advisory and market entry strategies.
Meticulously harmonising our Group´s resources, organisation and technologies PDI´s cross-border advisory practise creates added value for its clients. The service portfolio in this area is multifaceted, ranging from [ … ]

Business Development
Sales-oriented management and business building.
Systematic international business development is a significant task for any market-driven corporation. Maintaining competitive advantage requires optimising resource capabilities for new opportunities. PDI’s partners have [ … ]

International Investments
Providing investment opportunities in Africa, Greater China, GCC Region and Europe.
PDI has developed a deep well of knowledge across multiple markets, sectors, and business cycles. The multinational team, with its deep market knowledge and regulatory environments, operates from offices in the UK [ … ]


Services, Projects and Mandates

PDI has a strong pipeline of Business Development projects and mandates.

Sell-side / buy-side M&A
Conducting due diligence and fairness opinions
Support of MBI and MBO projects
Intermediation / fundraising debt and equity
Preparation and implementation support of carve-out and spin-off initiatives
Cross-border transaction support

International fundraising initiatives
Developing offset strategies for public and private clients
Analytics tools for offset investment opportunities
Governmental and interagency relationships
Implementing offset investments
Finding the right partner(s) for European companies in China and vice versa

Matchmaking of a potential partnership between Chinese companies in sub-Saharan African companies
Structure the potential partnership agreement
Facilitating and coaching newly created partnerships
Public private partnership project development
Feasibility studies for infrastructure projects
Feasibility studies crude oil refineries

Feasibility studies bio diesel refineries
International business engineering
Innovation strategies for countries / government
General investment opportunities in Africa and Middle East
Project financing for infrastructure, energy projects in Africa
Facilitating commodity trading deals: crude oil, LNG/LPG, etc.

Development renewable energy projects: photovoltaic, bio-mass and bio-diesel
Development of energy plant projects in PDI target markets
Development social housing projects in central Africa
Development of crude oil refineries (>200K bbl/day)
Development of crude oil refineries (>60K bbl/day)
Financing for agriculture projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

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