Cross-Border Advisory

Rigorously harmonising our group’s resources, organisation and technologies, PDI’s cross-border advisory practice generates added value for its clients.

Our extensive, multi-faceted service portfolio ranges from transactional services and offset advisory to project restructuring. PDI’s extensive experience is offering its clients highly customised and constructive advice.

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Transaction Services

Due to changing market conditions, companies regularly face transitional changes. PDI’s highly professional network of consultants, auditors and lawyers offers an end-to-end solution for the transaction process, with transaction services covering the following areas:

  • Sell-side / Buy-side M&A
  • Due Diligence and fairness opinions
  • Support of MBI and MBO projects
  • Intermediation / fund raising (both debt and equity)
  • Preparation and implementation support of carve-out and spin-off initiatives
  • Cross-border transaction support
  • International fundraising initiatives

Offset Advisory

Offset obligations often result in long-range, global corporate decisions and local networking. Through its long ranging experience in demanding environments, PDI is supporting clients facing complex administrative and business hurdles in unknown terrains.

  • Developing offset strategies for public and private clients
  • Analytics tools for offset investment opportunities
  • Governmental and inter-agency relationships
  • Implementing offset investments

Joint venture and partnership creation

Partnerships and joint ventures can significantly speed up access to markets in foreign territories, potentially reducing business risks and building far-reaching, mutual collaborative approaches to secure market access, technology and/or process expertise and achieving economies of scale.

  • Finding the right partner for European companies in China and vice versa
  • Matchmaking of a potential partnership(s) between Chinese companies in Sub-Saharan African companies
  • Structuring potential partnership agreements
  • Facilitating and coaching newly created partnerships

Project Turnaround Management

Acting in close cooperation with investors and management, PDI manages the turnaround of distressed projects and assets:

  • Analyses of challenges, value and KPI drivers
  • Defining and implementing an action plan for project success
  • Effective local management of restructuring effort
  • Ensuring timely stakeholder reporting

Feasibility Studies

PDI ensures that the required pre-feasibility and feasibility studies into the commercial, technical, financial, economic and environmental pre-requisites for a project are clearly defined and critically examined prior to an investment decision. PDI covers each of the primary objectives to be considered, at a minimum, in project feasibility studies:

  • Executive Summary
  • Project background and core concept
  • Market analysis and marketing concept
  • Raw materials and supplies
  • Location, site and environment
  • Engineering and technology
  • Organisation and overhead costs
  • Human resources
  • Implementation planning and budgeting
  • Financial analysis and investment appraisal

Offset Advisory

International tenders for important defence and infrastructure projects often require offset and countertrade programs to adhere to political and national economic policies.

The sustainability and attractiveness of the proposed offset programme has become a crucial part of the bid evaluation process. Proactive offset strategies create significant benefits for the success of the underlying sales activity. Additional complexity arises because offset programmes are very often outside the core competencies of the bidding party (the obligor).

Building on its partner in-depth experience in the structuring and implementation of international offset program, PDI has developed a solution for companies acting in offset related tenders. The PDI “Offset 2.0” module combines sustainable entrepreneurialism, private equity and venture capital mechanisms with the applied knowledge and expectations of Governmental requirements. This allows PDI´s customers to differentiate themselves from their competition and reduce and mitigate the risks of attracting penalties.

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