With five major practice areas, PDI offers a range of consulting, project financing, and transaction services. PDI is recognized for the outstanding individual talents of over 60 PULSAR partners in their respective areas of expertise.

For complex or interdisciplinary matters, PDI clients benefit from the combined experience and shared resources of practice teams who come together to strategize and provide practical solutions to multifaceted issues.

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PDI trades in key commodities worldwide with a focus on the African continent, covering crude oil, refined oil products, renewable fuels, LPG, LNG, agricultural commodities, and capital goods.

Our business is conducted from our trading desks located in Portugal and Angola, from which the PDI team also handles every aspect of commodity trading.

PDI acts globally in its dealings with national oil and gas companies, local food producers, and international investment goods producers. PDI is aiming to equally add value to the supply side and to the buy-side in our specialized niche markets.

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PDI’s services range from analytical and conceptual strategy development to operational implementation within the customer’s organization. Our interdisciplinary and cross-industry advisory team uses a holistic consulting approach so that progress in one place is not achieved at the risk of setbacks in others.

PDI provides solutions along the vertical value chain from infrastructure, manufacturing, trading, and the service sector. PULSAR clients are made up of well-established companies and Governments.

The results are innovative and practical solutions whilst focusing on the individual requirements of the client. Our current reference list includes projects in the areas of innovation management, P3 partnerships, privatization initiatives, legal offset frameworks, and corporate growth strategies.

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PDI and its partner have been advising both private and public entities on the financing of major energy investment projects throughout Africa for more than 20 years.

PDI has proven experience in structuring complex, international energy project financings from the earliest stages of feasibility to capital structuring and financial negotiations, all the way through to financial closing.

PDI is involved with a wide variety of sub-Saharan centric energy projects such as the financing of crude oil refineries, setting-up bio-diesel refineries, and a photovoltaic power plant in southwest Africa.

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PDI works to resolve the challenges government and private sector organizations face in determining the priority projects that will drive maximum value from each investment.

PDI has a strong in-house capital asset acquisition competency. The PDI partners are able to define and manage complex infrastructure projects including feasibility studies, capital structuring, financial negotiations, and financial closing.

PDI’s infrastructure team is involved in a wide variety of African centric projects such as securing supply and financing low-cost modular housing, investor search for mining infrastructure activities, and business development for major traffic construction companies.

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PDI supports its clients, from all major industries in Africa, in identifying and evaluating the required growth steps. In addition to that, value-based management, capital raising, setting investment funds, M&A, and investor relations strategies are integral parts of our consulting portfolio.

Our PDI partners offer a comprehensive industry and management knowledge of over 100 years of relevant work experience.

The PDI transaction services team is currently involved in a vast variety of projects in Africa and Europe such as finding investors for an African re-insurance company, setting up an African centric technol0gy transfer fund, and the trade sale of African industrial conglomerate.