Business Development

Systematic international business development is a significant task for any market-driven corporation. Maintaining competitive advantage requires optimising resource capabilities for new opportunities.

PDI partner have extensive experience in developing opportunities in international markets. For example, PDI partner have successfully realised opportunities between Chinese and European infrastructure suppliers and governmental and private customers in developing regions.

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Initiating & Managing Public-Private Partnerships (“P3”)

PDI’s P3 advisory provides realisable infrastructure solutions, leading to faster project completion and reducing delays, by including time-to-completion as a measure of performance and ROI.

  • Ensures high-quality standards are obtained and maintained throughout the life cycle of the project
  • Operational and project execution risks are fully appraised early on for cost containment and stakeholders expectations
  • Develops innovative design and financing approaches when P3 entities work together
  • Helps create P3 efficiencies that ameliorates budget deficits

International Business Engineering

Our focus on resource capabilities in new business opportunities is a key success factor in competing in international markets and maintaining a competitive advantage. The continuous demand for innovation is driving companies to break into new markets, both in terms of technology and geography. PDI successfully introduces its clients to new markets in developing regions like Greater China, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Our extensive resource network and commercial competence ensures direction and commitment in developing successful businesses:

  • Project Management
  • Business planning and review
  • Local representation and network building
  • Coordination of multi-stakeholders’ interests
  • Securing funding
  • Spin-off/carve-out projects
  • Interim management

Innovation Management

Market-driven innovations are essential for the differentiation from competition to ensure continued success. Based on extensive project experience, PDI has developed a holistic Innovation Process Engineering (IPE) approach. The software-tool based process has provided our multi-industry clients with a best-in-class innovation management system, designed for a timely and non-invasive implementation.

  • Innovation strategy development
  • Identification, classification and definition of innovation sources
  • Definition of a valuation grid and sourcing/sales guidelines
  • Implementation of stage-gate processes for rapid product development
  • Utilisation of unexploited innovations, intellectual property rights and other intangible assets
  • Portfolio optimisation through divestitures, e.g. M&A activities, spin-off and carve-out instruments

Sales, Distribution & Marketing

Do you have a portfolio of proven technologies but no market access in Africa, China and/or Europe? PDI has in-depth knowledge of direct sales, distributor sales, agents, online sales, joint ventures and exclusive partnerships in Europe, Africa and China for market access and sustainable growth. PDI provides strategic and conceptual recommendations that ensures operational implementation for:

  • Brand strategies
  • Sustainable business models
  • Product customer structures
  • Distribution channels
  • Distribution management systems
  • Marketing and sales budgets

Market making for high tech companies in Greater China

Several PDI partner have worked and lived for several years both in Greater China and Central Europe and have held executive positions for SME companies on both continents. While companie’s business objectives may be relatively similar in both locations, the way to achieve them may be different. PDI has developed the required in-depth knowledge and networks, to achieve results on both continents in a timely and sustainable manner.

Through its network, PDI has secured access to high-tech companies and the start-up scene in Europe, particularly in Germany and Switzerland. PULSAR Ventures transfers novel technologies and start-up innovations and drives them in the Greater China markets. Meanwhile, the skills base to translate Chinese innovations into European applications continues to develop rapidly.

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